Artist in focus: Devi Arts Collective

 Devi Arts Collective is a women-led jewelry brand based in Vancouver, Canada. Through high quality craftsmanship our products are created by sourcing recycled and refined silver and gold, and ethical gemstones. We are committed to making a positive difference on our planet through every human we interact with, every material we use, and our sustainable values that anchor the foundation of our brand and bring Devi Arts Collective to life!  

Every aspect of Devi Arts Collective has been built by hand, responsibly sourced, and ethically produced. A major part of our collective is our family in Jaipur, India who cuts all of our gems for us by hand. Their operations are not only safe, with no child labor and fair wages, but every step of the process is mindful of the environment and responsible jewelry practices. For them this is their legacy that supports a future for their children, and is their calling as creative artisans.  

Collaborating with this family and becoming a part of their network allows our jewelry to represent something larger than simply a fashion accessory. It allows us to be accountable for all our practices and produce a responsible product, with a clear impact as we work to strengthen our community and the greater world at large. 

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