Celebrating a New Look at 75

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For 75 years now, Marin Art & Garden Center has been a special gathering place that celebrates learning, growth and the beauty of nature; a place to be inspired, educated and entertained—or to just be. Enjoy the gardens, shop for antiques, attend a preschool or play at Pixie Park, get inspired in The Studio or the Barn, get married or take time to honor a loved one, take a course or simply take a stroll.

It has come to mean so many things to so many people that trying to find the common threads and a consistent message to communicate has always proved elusive, especially for audiences that have never seen it, have only ever driven by, or do not even know it exists.

So the search began for ways to capture all that is wonderful and engaging about Marin Art and Garden Center—in words and imagery.

Could a symbol be found that brought together all that the Center represents? Could words be crafted that could be used consistently to say all that needs to be said? We believe so.

Renowned designer, Laura Scott, founder and creative director of Studio Scott, and David McGrane a brand strategist and copywriter set about getting all the input they could from a vast array of stake holders and supporters. They conducted in-person interviews and online surveys. Themes began to rise, and imagery started to form.

In this video, Laura Scott takes us through the process that has given us this new logo that brings together all that you love about Marin Art and Garden Center. 

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