Celebrate the season with bitters

Bitters certainly sound like the quintessential 2020 cocktail component, but in fact they’ve been enjoying a resurgence as part of classic drinks for a few years now. Originally formulated as a medicinal tonic, bitters blend herbs and spices with alcohol and were marketed as digestive aids. Now we appreciate their aromatic flavors as part of […]

Two Botanical Cocktails from Stacey Kamp

Stacey Kamp is the Events Manager for the Marin Art & Garden Center, but she’s also been bartending for 25 years around the Bay and, more recently, leading our Botanical Cocktails workshops. These are always a popular event, where participants make delicious cocktails with the season’s garden bounty. The essence of a botanical cocktail is […]

Preserving is prudent, so pickle your produce

It is more important than ever to make the most of what you have in the kitchen. While it’s always a good idea to work on reducing food waste, now while we’re staying home and limiting shopping trips, anything we can do to help stretch out the time between visits to the grocery store makes a […]