Milkweed for Monarchs

We often meet visitors in the gardens who would like us to point out the milkweed plants we have growing here at Marin Art and Garden Center. With the critical situation of the Monarch butterfly population on our minds, many of us would like to help these long-distance travelers find a reliable food supply for […]

Act now for winter color

With the scorching weather we’ve been having and more forecast to come, it’s hard to believe that cooler weather is around the corner. It’s not too early to start planning for your winter garden.

Preparing for fire season

With smoke hanging heavy in the air this week, we hardly need reminders that fire season is here, and we need to work together to reduce the risks of a devastating blaze.

Electrifying developments in the gardens

This September, as our own staff takes over more of the routine maintenance jobs from a contractor, we also are taking the extra step of buying a suite of electric yard tools.

These Plants are Bulletproof

If you’re new to gardening, or just looking for low-maintenance, hardy plants, you’ve hit the jackpot with this video. Garden Manager Steven Schwager introduces five plants that are easy to grow here in Marin.

Top Five Places to Plant Yourself (for lunch)

As much as I enjoy working at Marin Art & Garden Center, one of the things I’ve missed the most while we’ve been sheltering in place are my lunch breaks. Can you blame me, when I get to sit outside surrounded by beautiful gardens while I eat my lunch and read a book? We know […]

Cold Blooded Companions

Reptiles are more than just part of the scenery here, they’re important links in the garden ecosystem. It’s a sure sign that the weather is warming up at Marin Art & Garden Center when the lizards appear. You’ll catch sight of them sunning on a rock or skittering into the shadows, or even doing pushups […]

Keeping It Fresh: Help Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

To keep your fresh cut flowers looking vibrant as long as possible, here are a few tips.  Before venturing out to a cutting garden, have a pair of clean, sharp hand pruners in hand, a bucket filled with tepid water with a conditioning agent (flower powder or a nutrient-rich hydrator*), and gardening gloves. Ideally, select […]

Feeling Blue in the Garden

Every so often, a particular color seems to stand out more than others in the gardens here at Marin Art & Garden Center, and right now, it’s blue. Don’t be downcast, though, because these are a couple of plants that are both eye-catching and low maintenance. Looking for an easy-to-grow plant that blooms for months, […]

Gardening is a Workout

Development Manager and fitness trainer Molly Anixt demonstrates how you can stay limber for gardening enjoyment. During this Shelter in Place we have see a rise in the number of people out tending to their gardens. Those who previously did not have hours to spending pruning and watering are now finding it an enjoyable […]