Feeling Blue in the Garden

Every so often, a particular color seems to stand out more than others in the gardens here at Marin Art & Garden Center, and right now, it’s blue. Don’t be downcast, though, because these are a couple of plants that are both eye-catching and low maintenance. Looking for an easy-to-grow plant that blooms for months, […]

Gardening is a Workout

Development Manager and fitness trainer Molly Anixt demonstrates how you can stay limber for gardening enjoyment. https://youtu.be/W2JqczGTw2I During this Shelter in Place we have see a rise in the number of people out tending to their gardens. Those who previously did not have hours to spending pruning and watering are now finding it an enjoyable […]

Just add Buzz: Providing for Pollinators

Creating an inviting environment to attract pollinators is a surefire way to ensure you’re getting the maximum yield in your vegetable garden. Honeybees are only the most familiar member of the huge family of bees and wasps, there are many others that play an essential role in pollination. While for many of us, it doesn’t […]

Planning a Bountiful Summer Harvest

https://www.youtube.com/watchhttps://youtu.be/WBafrZ3o6d8?v=XHOmBV4js_E With a little preparation and planning, you can look forward to a summer of edible garden delights. MAGC’s Garden Manager Steven Schwager uses our very own Edible Garden to demonstrate some important steps that will ensure you get the most from your own vegetable plot. He’ll show you how to prepare the soil with […]

Meet our Garden Manager

It’s hard to believe Steven Schwager is celebrating his second spring at Marin Art & Garden Center, where he joined as Garden Manager in 2018. In a short time, he has made enormous strides towards achieving his vision of creating a garden that is abundant, joyous, and celebratory. Growing up in the outskirts of Chicago, […]

Don’t Be Tempted by Invasive Plants

Some plants look appealing, but beware—they are more trouble than they’re worth, explains Garden Manager Steven Schwager. Berkeley Sedge, Italian Arum, Four O’Clocks, Three-cornered Leeks and Forget-Me-Nots. All are attractive plants that might seem like a good addition to your greenery, but don’t be led astray when you’re shopping for your garden. These are plants […]

Seeing Red in the Garden: what does it mean?

Our Garden Manager, Steven Schwager, has been getting a lot of questions about certain red-colored potential pests. The weather conditions this spring have indeed been ideal for many insects. Aphids Among the insect pests that seem especially abundant this year are the aphids. Although an individual aphid is very small, collectively, aphids can cause considerable […]

Medicinal Plants at Marin Art & Garden Center

Growing among the planted gardens and the wilder margins of MAGC are many kinds of medicinal plants. Read on to learn about the growth habits and traditional uses for some of them. By Shelly Hughes Chickweed, Stellaria media The Latin name, Stellaria media, translates to “little stars,” referring to the tiny white daisy-like flower about […]

Pinch Your Perennials for Prodigious Plants

  Some of the most eye-catching plants at Marin Art & Garden Center come back year after year, our perennials. Dahlias, Salvias, Agastache, milkweeds and Penstemon thrill us every time they bloom. Now, before spring temperatures get too warm and days get too long is time for some critical maintenance to ensure you get the […]