Cool Outside – California’s Mid-Century Landscape

Dinah’s Motor Hotel, Palo Alto, courtesy of JC Miller Marin Art and Garden Center celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding in 2020, and in 2021 we are putting the spotlight on the mid-century design heritage of the Center.  The founders of the Center commissioned distinguished architects and landscape architects including Thomas Church, Gardner Dailey, […]

A Memorable Moment

Join our Board President, Diane Doodha, as we pay tribute to the spirit of the era and of the people who eastablished this Center as a place where the whole community could enjoy the arts and outdoors.

Three Quarters of a Century

On August 3, Marin Art and Garden Center celebrates a major anniversary—75 years since it was established! These 11 acres have seen many changes since a group of women took the initiative to preserve them after the Second World War.

Pixie Park Goes Back to its Roots

This beloved children’s playground is getting a new look with retro appeal, hearkening back to its founding. On nearly any day of the year, you can count on hearing children’s laughter and the squeak of swings coming from somewhere up on the hillside above  Marin Art & Garden Center. If you follow the sounds up […]

Who Was Bella Worn?

Can you imagine growing up where the Marin Art & Garden Center is now? Isabella Worn did just that, and went on to become a floral and garden designer who worked on some of California’s most memorable projects of the early 20th century. She oversaw the planting of the gardens at Filoli in Woodside and […]

Pear Tree Grafting

In the latest news from the Mission pear tree, scions were taken from our historic specimen by Tom Untermann, owner of the West End Nursery, and grafted onto saplings that will, with luck, allow our tree’s heritage to flourish through several new trees, including one at the Mission San Rafael Archangel. We’re very grateful to […]