Preparing for fire season

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With smoke hanging heavy in the air this week, we hardly need reminders that fire season is here, and we need to work together to reduce the risks of a devastating blaze.

After a winter without much rain, and the usual dry summer season, we have accumulated a substantial pile of cut branches and trimmings from around Marin Art and Garden Center that aren’t suitable for composting, our usual approach to green waste. As this dry brush has collected, it became a fire hazard itself, and we realized we needed help to manage it. 

We are extremely grateful to FIRESafe MARIN for helping us reduce this pile of branches to wood chips this month. FIRESafe MARIN has been organizing Chipper Days around the county since 1993; this year, they launched a new program to support Marin’s growing network of Firewise USA sites with fully staffed curbside pick-up chipper days.

The next Chipper Day in Ross is coming up on September 24; you can register on the FIRESafe MARIN website to have your tree trimmings hauled away and chipped. It couldn’t be easier to reduce fire danger around your house, and even better, it’s free, with support from the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority. 

Fire danger is all too present, but there are many ways to protect your home and family. We definitely encourage you to look at the FIRESafe Marin website, which is packed with helpful information. We can all appreciate this community resource.

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