Dig It, Grow It, Eat It

Marin Art and Garden Center, in collaboration with Marin Master Gardeners, offers “Dig It, Grow It, Eat It” field trips for third and fourth grade students.

The program begins with the theme “We love the earth because we care for it. We care for the earth because we love it.”

Teaching basic science concepts, gardening know how and the mechanics of harvesting fruits and vegetables builds a foundation for a good life. Dig it, Grow it, Eat it is a program that helps children connect the seed to the table. Research supports youth garden programs develop students more likely to eat fruits and vegetables, students with increased nutrition knowledge and improved preference for vegetables. A child’s perspective is broadened in a garden and establishes a kinship that fosters ecological sustainability. While learning how plants grow, students correlate one bite nutrition lessons to gain a better understanding of the human body’s need for healthy food.

The half-day workshop rotates groups of students through six stations teaching providing garden enhanced nutrition education, linking health with growing and harvesting foods
we like to eat and that are good for us. These include:

  • Edible Plant Parts
  • How Plants Grow
  • Plant Seed Science
  • Propagation
  • Soil Science


This program is set up through the Marin County school system.

Educators can contact Marin Master Gardeners for more information.