Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The racial injustice and inequality Black, Indigeneous and People of Color suffer is unacceptable. The leadership of Marin Art and Garden Center want those members of our community who have been discriminated against, to know that we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you in the effort to permanently change this system that has existed in our nation for more than 400 years.

An essential part of our Mission here is to foster learning and growth. The Core Values we uphold include Honor—capturing respect, responsibility, stewardship and remembrance—as well as Sharing, which looks to embody community, belonging and openness. In order to stay true to these values, we must act. The first step is to acknowledge how we have been complicit with systemic racism.

Beginning immediately, Marin Art and Garden Center—trustees and staff—commit to increasing access for underserved communities to the valuable resources of the center and to broaden and diversify our visitor and program audiences.

We also pledge to establish a special task force comprised of board, staff, community members—and outside experts and partner organizations where necessary—to lead Marin Art and Garden Center’s equity, diversity and inclusion work, and importantly, to hold us accountable.

In addition, we are the place within our community that should explore ways to present Black, Indigenous and People of Color experience and culture to our audiences through a celebration of the arts—including visual arts exhibitions and music performances. Experiencing one another’s worlds leads to better understanding.

We will work to increase diversity and representation of other communities on our board and among our staff and contractors and vendors.

We express this commitment publicly and hold ourselves accountable.

Please join us on this mission.


The Board of Trustees and staff of
Marin Art and Garden Center