Electrifying developments in the gardens

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It’s a lot of work keeping the 11 acres of grounds here looking trim and healthy. This August, unusual thunderstorms brought down a couple of big limbs from one of the oaks that shelter the office courtyard. We were all grateful that no one was injured and nothing was seriously damaged when these massive branches hit the ground, but it was still quite a project to cut and haul away the dead wood.

A chainsaw makes quick work of  task like this. Not everyone is a fan of power tools, but when there is major work to be done, a certain amount of horsepower can make a real difference. 

With limited staff, we need to use our time efficiently. Leaf blowers may be an annoyance, but less so than slipping on a pile of rotting leaves. This September, as our own staff takes over more of the routine maintenance jobs from a contractor, we also are taking the extra step of buying a suite of electric yard tools.

Our new cordless blower, hedge trimmer, string trimmer (weed whacker), and chainsaw are all powered by long lasting and faster-charging lithium-ion batteries. Ours recharge to full capacity in an hour and have several modes to extend how long we can work on a single charge. Becuse they’re lighter and more compact, they’re also easier to use.

The electrical systems require minimal maintenance compared to gas-powered equipment, which is important when we’re managing grounds care with our small team. And you’ll be pleased to learn these electrical tools will reduce emissions from the fuel-powered tools, and are quieter as well.

If caring for your own garden includes using power tools, you may also want to consider electric models. The purchase price is not necessarily higher than their fuel-powered counterparts, and the overall cost to operate them is generally lower. Electric models are lighter and often easier to start than gas powered tools as well. When you’re shopping  for these tools, just be sure that they come with a battery and charger, and if you are looking at getting multiple tools, the batteries may be interchangeable if you buy ones made by the same manufacturer.

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