National Register Media Roundup

Several excellent articles covering Marin Art and Garden Center’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places have been published this month; you may be interested to read the coverage and learn more about this important designation.

In the Pacific Sun, Nikki Silverstein reports on the Center’s founding in the 1940s, which “started with the remarkable women referred to as ‘Marin housewives’ in court documents. They were actually skilled environmentalists who founded garden and conservation organizations dedicated to saving Marin’s natural resources from development.”

“The center’s history is rich, even if some of it isn’t included in the listing. The county fair took place on the property from 1946 to 1970. It began as the Marin Art and Garden Fair, which included arts and crafts displays, outdoor installations of gardens, archery contests and Uncle Sam walking around on stilts. The fair raised enough money to keep the Marin Art and Garden Center going.”

Beth Block (left) and her daughter Kate, 17, on the bench near the Fountain Pond.

Brontë Wittpenn/The Chronicle

Sam Whiting, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, quotes our Executive Director, Antonia Adezio: “We work hard to make the place beautiful and welcoming, and we’d like to share it with a broader community beyond the Ross Valley.”

Jillian Robinson of Fairfax looks for flowers to sketch near the Bottle House. (Sherry LaVars/Marin Independent Journal)

Garden Manager Michael Bogart chats with intern Giovana Goncalves, 16, outside the Octagon House. (Sherry LaVars/Marin Independent Journal)

For the Marin Independent Journal, Adrian Rodriguez spoke with Juliane Polanco, the State Historic Preservation Officer (and Mill Valley resident): “She said she didn’t understand the complexity of the property until the state received the nomination over a year ago. ‘What’s so unique about this site is the combination of social history, specifically women’s history, at a very early period,’ Polanco said. ‘Then there is the landscaping and architecture, and all these pieces come together to form this very modest but very beautiful site.'”

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IRS Guidelines for Gifts from Donor Advised Funds to Support MAGC Events

Thank you for your interest in giving to the Marin Art & Garden Center events from your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or Family Foundation.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support!

To ensure your gift follows the current IRS guidelines for DAF/Family Foundation support of an event, we would like to share the below guidelines with you.

  • Raffle tickets, tickets to galas and other special events, auction items, and benefits conferred in connection with a DAF/foundation grant are not permitted.
    • IRS has specifically ruled that fair market value associated with fundraising events cannot be separated, a practice known as “bifurcation.”
      • For example, with Edible Garden, if the price of the ticket is $200 and the FMV fair market value (non-tax-deductible amount) is designated to be $50, the donor must pay from sources other than her DAF/foundation for the full value of the ticket ($200) and not just for the non-tax-deductible amount ($50).
    • We recommend you confer with your financial advisor to confirm if any of these examples of how donors may still use their DAF to support an event would work for you:
      • A donor could sponsor the event, and not attend, and pay fully out of the DAF/foundation.
      • A donor could sponsor the event using DAF/foundation funds and attend by purchasing an individual ticket through non-DAF/foundation funds.
      • A donor could sponsor the event, join the event as a guest of another donor/table guest, and pay fully out of the DAF/foundation.
      • A donor could sponsor the event and host the afforded number of people at their chosen level as long as they pay for the seats at the lowest ticket price ($200 for Edible Garden) outside of their DAF.
        • As an example, a $1,500 sponsor that covers 2 guests, could pay for their sponsorship with $400 from a different source of funds, and then give an additional gift of $1,100 out of their DAF.


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