Blue-eyed Grass


Elaine Goldstone

Sisyrinchium bellum


17.25″ x 13″


I am Elaine Goldstone of Goldieā€™s Garden Studio. I earned an AA in Fine Art, a BS in Graphic Design and spent most of my career in high-tech marketing communications.

I began watercolor painting as a regular practice about 5 years ago and began my botanical studies through the program at Filoli Gardens and Estate in 2016. I continue to study watercolor through workshops and classes for both Plein air, in-studio and the amazing world of botanicals.

Both sides of my work require different skill sets for working with watercolor. Botanicals require creativity of the arts and the detail of science to accurately portray a subject.

I chose the Blue-eyed grass primarily because it happens to be growing in my tiny garden and I love blue flowers! It produces incredible sprays of low lying flowers all spring and into summer.

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