Gardening in Dry Summer Climates by Nora Harlow & Saxon Holt


With a bookplate signed by the authors

Regions defined by arid summers and soggy winters can be challenging for even the most experienced gardener. Summers are mostly dry, but how dry and for how long? Winters are usually wet, but what about infrequent heavy rainstorms? Do winter temperatures drop below freezing? All these questions and what to do about them are answered in Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates, a new title from landscape architect Nora Harlow and award-winning photographer Saxon Holt. A continuation of Harlow and Holt’s beloved Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utility District) guide, Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates is the definitive handbook on the plants and practices needed to create a thriving summer-dry landscape. A comprehensive plant directory provides details on each plant’s needs, and stunning photography shows how smart design can help address seasonal issues so familiar to those of us in the Bay Area.

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