Madam Vice President - silk scarf


From the designer: “I’m still trying to find the words to contain how I felt when Kamala Harris became our Vice-President Elect. Her history and path to the Vice Presidency is unique and diverse but at the same time, it is a path that will feel familiar to many Americans, and especially to many African Americans. I wanted to create something that commemorates this moment and Kamala Harris’ accomplishments while also recognizing the lineage and milestones that brought her here. The charms in this design represent her Indian and Jamaican heritage; her upbringing in Montreal; her education at Howard University where she pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha; her public service in California. I’ve also included the Adinkra symbols for ‘justice,” “democracy” and “change” and of course her new title and role.”

Scarf is 100% silk, 36″ x 36″ and comes in a presentation box.

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