Squirrel Talk

Of all the wildlife that calls MAGC home, perhaps none is so easy to spot as our community of squirrels. Our acrobatic residents include both the native Western Gray squirrel and Eastern Grays as well; Eastern Grays can actually range in color from sandy brown to black. While we have yet to take a census of our local population, the squirrels here are clearly thriving, with an abundance of both food and shelter among the trees on the MAGC grounds. Squirrels are rodents, and their front teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, ideal for gnawing through the tough acorns that our oaks contribute to their food supply. With a habit of burying food to keep in reserve, squirrels also help propagate new trees—forgotten acorn stashes can become mighty oaks. If you look carefully in the tree canopy, you might be able to see a squirrel nest, called a drey, although it could easily pass as an untidy pile of leaves and twigs. If you’re doing any tree trimming around your own home, take care not to dislodge these nests, particularly in the spring when baby squirrels are born.

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IRS Guidelines for Gifts from Donor Advised Funds to Support MAGC Events

Thank you for your interest in giving to the Marin Art & Garden Center events from your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or Family Foundation.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support!

To ensure your gift follows the current IRS guidelines for DAF/Family Foundation support of an event, we would like to share the below guidelines with you.

  • Raffle tickets, tickets to galas and other special events, auction items, and benefits conferred in connection with a DAF/foundation grant are not permitted.
    • IRS has specifically ruled that fair market value associated with fundraising events cannot be separated, a practice known as “bifurcation.”
      • For example, with Edible Garden, if the price of the ticket is $200 and the FMV fair market value (non-tax-deductible amount) is designated to be $50, the donor must pay from sources other than her DAF/foundation for the full value of the ticket ($200) and not just for the non-tax-deductible amount ($50).
    • We recommend you confer with your financial advisor to confirm if any of these examples of how donors may still use their DAF to support an event would work for you:
      • A donor could sponsor the event, and not attend, and pay fully out of the DAF/foundation.
      • A donor could sponsor the event using DAF/foundation funds and attend by purchasing an individual ticket through non-DAF/foundation funds.
      • A donor could sponsor the event, join the event as a guest of another donor/table guest, and pay fully out of the DAF/foundation.
      • A donor could sponsor the event and host the afforded number of people at their chosen level as long as they pay for the seats at the lowest ticket price ($200 for Edible Garden) outside of their DAF.
        • As an example, a $1,500 sponsor that covers 2 guests, could pay for their sponsorship with $400 from a different source of funds, and then give an additional gift of $1,100 out of their DAF.


Please email Tod Thorpe, Director of Development at tod.thorpe@maringarden.org to discuss your gift to Marin Art and Garden Center