Exploring Plants Through Sketching

Let’s look at leaves and fall plants from our neighborhood.  We will focus on seeing details to understand how the world of botany works. Are they big, little, round, pointed, flat, thick, simple, or complicated? The workshop will look at the characteristics of plants by observing and doing simple drawings in pencil and ink. This will help you create plant images through sketching and line drawings.

All levels welcome. This will be an online class.

Materials per person:

2 Pencils (2B and H), white plastic eraser, sharpener, fine black permanent pen, small ruler, magnifying glass. Paper: sketchbook -8 in x10in minimum or computer paper.

Plant material:  Please bring a variety of leaves or fall items.

Northern California Society of Botanical Artists


Northern California Society of Botanical Artists


Nov 14 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm






  • Lee McCaffree

    Lee McCaffree is a botanical artist. She teaches in The Botanical Illustration Certificate Program at Filoli, Woodside as well as many other venues across the U.S. Her paintings have been exhibited across the US and in Europe and are in collections at Kew Gardens, England, Huntington Gardens, Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation, Filoli and other Florilegium. She loves to get people interested in seeing the details of the plant world around us.

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